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For a very long time I have been meaning to add this to my website. I am happy to see that it has finally been added !

There are many honest and wonderul people doing readings....but there are also MANY people who offer readings - who should not - and make it bad for everyone.

Foremost, NEVER EVER have a reading with someone who solicits business through promises of free readings, money, health, luck etc!!! NEVER give your contact information online or by telephone to anyone who promises FREE READINGS.

This is almost always the beginning of endless spam mail with computer generated `readings`. Then, they will attempt to get payments from you for other readings. They will promise to help you in ways and that you should purchase a reading from them. If you do not, you will continue to get spam until you give in or get angry. UNFORTUNATELY, we are always hearing these stories all the time. Some will actually charge your credit card without your permission and be unavailable if you try to make reach them.

It is a very sad thing for me to hear this over and over again!!

NEVER send money or give personal information to anyone who solicits for business through mail or emails. Unless. you are a previous client or have signed up to receive regular updates or newsletters.

* If a person who has read for you EVER says to you, that you (or someone you know) is cursed... BEWARE ! KNOW that anyone who speaks of a curse, is someone who is trying to profit from your fear. This person is likely to ask you for more money to "remove" a curse.

In my many years of doing readings, we have heard some awful stories !
Always use your good judgement!

A Psychic or Medium who is genuine and respects their gifts would never say something like this. Instead they would treasure the gifts God bestowed on them and use their gifts in only the best way possible.

Readings should never be an ominous experience.

It should instead be a positive one that brings through information and details that reasonate with you. Information about your life, those around you and those who have crossed over that instead validate the experience for you. It should be one of light and self empowerment. ALWAYS!

Use your good judgement and before having a reading ... look to find information about that persons reputation and credentials.
A friend's recommendation is always best~

Much Love & Thanks,

Tara A. Night