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I Thank you God for all the love and help he has given me, and each of us.
You are our ultimate reason for being.
I Thank you God for all our blessings, and am forever grateful.
Please continue to walk with me on my journey.
I will work each day to become a better person and to do my best to listen to your voice within.
The voice that is within all of us.
I will do my best to keep my heart, spirit and mind open to the intuition you so lovingly gave each of us.
A true gift to all, your children to help us along our path.
I am thankful for my wonderful husband who has done everything to support me, which has allowed me to do what I feel compelled to do.
A most talented, bright and intelligent man that I am forever grateful to be married to.
For whom without his love and understanding I could never have come this far without.
He is definately one of my most important spiritual teachers along my path.
Thank you so much, I treasure you honey.
For my wonderful parents and family who have allowed me and helped me in more ways than they know, to make me the person I am.
My Mom and Dad whose love and generosity knew no boundaries.
For the humour and light they instilled in my very soul.
I love you !
Thank you !
A special prayer for my Dad, who passed away this past year.
(January 18. 1930 - July 28. 2003)
Dear God
Thankyou for allowing such a wonderful man to touch my life and so many others.
The happiness, humour and warmth from which I will never recover.
Please light his way and surround him in your love and
the love of his loved ones forever.
Dad, I am lucky to truly know you are alive and well, and am sure you are lighting up the next world just as you always did in this one.
Thankyou for all your love, kindness and understanding at times when I really needed a best friend and a Father too.
I am very proud to be your daughter. I love you more than I thought it possible to love anything or anyone.
You are unique and truly special beyond all compare.

Thankyou for all the signs and signals that you give us from the world of Spirit. All of which continues to show to us that you are very close by and that our love is so strong that it can permeate and enter the physical world .

I cherish each one !
Thank you
Your Petee Ponste