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Tara's Book Suggestions & More Interesting Things

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Tara has been asked numerous times to suggest books that she has found to be helpful in her spiritual journey, and that she feels has contributed to her life in some way.
As a result, she has compiled this short list of books that she highly recommends :
( These are not in any particular order and no compensation has been given for these recommendations.)


Most incredible book - Spiritual / Chanelling - Number 1 as Tara's most Favourite Book
* Seth Speaks, Chanel Jane Roberts (Seth information)

* An Act Of Faith, Chanel Jani King (P'Taah information)

* Transformation of The Species, Chanel Jani King (P'Taah information)

* Blueprint For Change, Chanel Darryl Anka (Bashar Information)

* Ask and it is Given, Chanel Esther Hicks (Abraham Information)

HIGHLY Recommended / Self Development - Inspiration
* The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Author, Dr. Joseph Murphy

HIGHLY Recommended / healing
*Healing Visualizations : Creating Health Through Imagery
Author, Gerald Epstein M.D

Other Great Books

* Miracles in the Storm - Author, Mark H. Macy.
Amazing book about REAL contact with the Spirit world.
Proof derived by use of technology (phone conversations, fax and TV) Incredible!
Author, Mark H. Macy. Website  http://www.worlditc.org

* The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
Author, Catherine Ponder

* Opening to Channel
Author, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

* Everyday Miracles
Author, David Spangler

* Many Lives, Many Masters
Author, Brian Weiss

* Messages from Micheal
Author, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

* The Gathering
Meetings in Higher Space

* Signals
Author, Joel Rothschild

* Crossing Over
Author, John Edward

* Talking to Heaven
Author, James Van Praagh

* Out on a Limb
Author, Shirley Maclaine

Some of Tara's favourite people and information!

Please remember Tara  is not a physician and has only personally felt these were helpful to herself or
those she has come in contact with. ALWAYS talk to a professional first

Dr. Johanna Budwig - Incredible German Biochemist

Nominated for Nobel Prize several times for her groundbreaking work 

Many people claim having been cured of cancer using this strict diet protocol that Johanna Budwig created.
Below are websites with lots of information about her cancer curing protocol.



Articles on Taheebo (Tree Bark from South America, claimed to help to heal cancer ...)
Always see advice from your physician. We do not know anyone personally who used this protocol,
however what she has heard over the years has been very positive!
(Story about Mr Gabre of Missisauga, who says he cured himself of cancer using Taheebo)


Darryl Anka, Chaneller of Bashar
Man, Darryl Anka chanells yes, alien being from future.... Many tapes and CDs available. Try to be open minded when visiting this site :) Lots of fun and interesting info. You be the judge.

Jani King,Chaneller of P'Taah  http://www.ptaah.com
Fascinating information chanelled from Ptaah through Jani King of Australia. Two important books were chanelled years ago called " An Act Of Faith " and " Transformation Of The Species ." You can purchase them online at her website or at Amazon .com / Amazon.ca.

Man, Bub Hill (of Saskatchewan) channels an entity who named itself Joshiah.
Bub published the book "Conscious Creation"  (AMAZING BOOK). Information was given him by Joshiah (who communicates through him). Bub Hill was on Beyond TV show when temperature dropped and rose again suddenly by 10 degrees at the beginning and end of the chanelling session.


BOOK By Catherine Ponder
- The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
Can Find Lots about book and REAL customer reviews of book at Amazon.ca. Just click here to read more about it: